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Summer Escapade:Falls Hopping and Caving at Cateel, Davao Oriental

Location: Cateel, Davao Oriental
inclusive of round trip fares(non air), breakfast & buffet lunch


1:00 am ETD DAVAO
2:45 am Stop over (New Sibonga Nabunturan)
6:30 am ETA Brgy Aliwagwag  and have breakfast by the falls
8:30 am Mabuyong Falls Brgy. Maglahos
10:00 am Tagulinaw Falls
11:30 am Tres Marias. Mantunao Falls
Buffet Lunch
1:00pm Caving
4:00 Pack Up
7:00 pm Dinner (New Sibonga Nabunturan)
9:00 pm Davao Home Sweet Home

For more informationplease contact:


These awaits you…

Mantunao Falls

Cascading Aliwagwag Falls

Mabuyong Falls

The underworld


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