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Monkayo, Compostela Valley: Awao Falls

Wide Refreshing Awao Falls

“Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience. – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Is there a life other than our daily task at work? Certainly yes there is! This I commonly ask my self or heard from my colleagues who work 5 or 6 times a week monitoring and making network connections of remote site offices around the country to be up and running 24/7 as it would loose transactions worth hundred thousands of pesos when network connections are out within an hour. Enough about my job. 🙂

 It has been and always my passion to wander around mountains, swim on pristine island beaches, spelunking on caves but I never ran out of places to visit even if I have already been there. All the stories I shared with you was summed up visiting Awao Falls again located at Barangay Awao, Monkayo, Compostela Valley. Last time was July 2009 and here’s my story about that first experience.

Mawab Sunrise over the Horizon on our way to Monkayo

Monkayo tourism officer gave a nod to bring people and individuals who love to explore and experience the beauty of the waterfalls and The RTours organized the event. A one and a half travel time from Monkayo Poblacion to Awao falls riding on a truck and the back is covered with a tarpaulin with square windows  (Your visualizing what it look like huh) and also with a chair to seat with on both sides facilitated by their tourism officer. Going further into the Barangay on unpaved road, the travel is a bit rough as Barangay roads are getting smaller typical to other municipalities. We crossed river, maneuvered on a near cliff road. Villager’s small huts and houses near the waterfalls are using solar panels that provide them with electricity when night comes in. It’s a good thing that even how far they are, the government are still with them enriching their lives with the help and coordination of private sector for sure.

Road Less Taken by Trucks - Trek works

The trek going down to the falls is exciting as it is not much of an established path. Signs of being less visited, a dry path of water going down with many big rocks and boulders was our way down, I can say that the trail is not hard since there will always be a place for your feet to step in. Going further, a stream with much lesser size of rocks was our path.  Gushing water can be heard already though could not see yet which gave boost of excitement as we are getting closer! A slow flowing shallow river greeted us down the area and following it through around 200 meters and you’ll see the grandeur of Awao Falls!

Solid Rocks on our way down to the falls

Still, nothing has changed in the surrounding area even from the location where we started our trek. The stones below the river going to the base of the waterfalls are still covered with green mosses.  I love the gushing water of the falls scattered as it goes down on different locations of the stone wall of the waterfalls!

Worth it! precious moments after that great experience

It has its distinct formation and character as all the surroundings are still covered with tall trees and bushes, the base of the waterfalls has curb and flat rocks that you can sit or lie down while being massage with the water coming above. Whew!

Refreshingly Natural

The trip was worth the effort of getting there, even if it’s my second time but as they say “It’s sweeter the second time around”.  Indeed there’s  a life to live other than  our daily task at work.

Now back to work refreshed!




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