Hi there!

I have been blogging all my outdoor adventures since early 2007. I have this first blog with url pedroiho.wordpress.com but sad to say it was gone. Someone deleted it.

The reason I write about my experiences in outdoor adventure is to have my own digital memoir of what I am doing and maybe we do not know what will happen in the future, at least I have all the memories in here. – Online.

It has been a long time I did not disclose my name. I was always been under the name pedroiho, now maybe I have the courage to tell everyone about me.

There are so many offers to monetized my blog but did not pursue for I do not know the reason why I declined almost all offers. All I know is that I am doing this for myself, if there’s anyone who love what I am posting or sharing then it is just an extra bonus.

I did have the domain pedroiho.com but the @#!&$#  hosting site file servers HDD where corrupted. leaving all my data entries in pfft!

Due to this circumstances, I did replicate my entries and this blog site is just one of the two. The other one is pedroioh1.wordpress.com

Well this is all for now. Enjoy!

Edwin “Weng” Gales

SPEGO – Sandawa Pro Ecology Great Outdoor







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